What makes Game On Party different from the other game trucks out there? Well, that is a question my friend asked me when I first though about starting this business. “What makes you different?” We looked at the industry and did what others are and are not doing, improving upon what we know works, developing new ways of entertaining at parties. We continue to push the boundaries of the game truck experience and we strive to stay ahead of our competitors, evolve the game truck party industry, and give you the ultimate game party experience. Today, I still field this question a lot but I appreciate being asked. I even look forward to it.

When we built Game On Party, we had in mind that many elements to the perfect birthday party or event were missing in the industry. First and foremost, we have perfect weather here in Southern California, so we knew we wanted to incorporate outside gaming. We now offer up to three 55 inch HDTV’s on the outside of our game theater. These extra screens allow us to accommodate up to 28 players at once. Our competitors typically max out at 16 players, all inside. Second, and perhaps even more important, a birthday party is supposed to have a certain atmosphere. After all, It’s not just video games, it’s a party too! When you look at our competitors, they really failed to deliver this in a big way. For example, what party is a party without music? If I could give you a sound bite of 4 different screens (5 in some, to be fair) with shooting games blaring from each one, you would wonder how anyone could stand to hear that noise for 2 hours.

Game On Party offers Kenwood Surround Sound, both inside and outside (2 different systems) so that kids can enjoy their music during the party. We’ve held game truck parties with music and without and found that music was preferred at each and every party. We also offer an Ipod/MP3 docking station. This way the kids can bring their own music for more enjoyment. Beyond the sound systems we have in place, there are other major differences.

We have a true limousine interior that is unquestionably the finest the industry has to offer. In a phrase, it’s the difference between stepping onto a bus versus stepping into a limousine. We feature a near silent-running generator, full bound leather climate-controlled interior, a neon-lit ceiling that changes colors throughout the event, and a laser light show as well. None of our competitors offer anything close to this experience. Again, it feels like you are at a party the moment you step inside. For more information on booking a party with Game On Party, pleases feel free to contact us at any time. Also be sure to check out our latest video located at the bottom of our home page.