game truck Los Angeles

Game truck birthday parties and special events in Los Angeles just got a little sweeter and a LOT BIGGER. And with our sizzling Summer rates, we are impossible to beat. Game On Party now offers 7 huge gaming stations, making us the largest and best game truck Los Angeles has to offer, and it’s not even close. While, most video game trucks only accommodate 16 players on 4 screens–all inside, we can accommodate up to 28! Why is that important? Because not all games are 4 player games. Some only allow 2 players, like most sports games. With a party that caps out at 16 players on 4 screens, you are stuck with 4 player games only. We built our game trucks bigger with hopes of offering greater variety to the average size party. Plus we have outside screens for the best of interactive gaming, while our competitors only offer inside gaming. With the most perfect weather in the world, we think the other game trucks in Los Angeles missed an amazing opportunity by limiting the party to seated gaming.  Specifically, not all games were created to be played while sitting down. In fact, there are a lot of games that are interactive, such as Just Dance, Guitar Hero and multiple sports games. These games are played standing up and are best showcased on our outside screens.

Here at Game On Party, we use all three of our 55 inch HDTV outside screens at every party, bar none. Having a kids birthday party with boys and girls? Game On Party is your best choice. They will use all three of our screens to bond and play the most interactive games the industry has to offer.

Our limousine interior is yet another factor that separates us from the other game truck party companies in Los Angeles. Why is this important? Because it’s not just video games, it’s a party, too! And parties should have a certain ambiance. Unlike our competitors we also have music. What’s a party without MUSIC? Game On Party brings the finest Kenwood Audio system to your party, with all of the latest radio edited, popular songs of today. Want to bring your own music? We allow that too via our MP3 or Ipod docking station. No party is complete without music and we have it in the finest quality money can buy.

Have questions about booking? Please let us know. The process for booking with us is very simple.

  1. First contact us via a phone call or by filling out our simple form. We will then reach out to you to help you determine your party time and date. Then we can talk about parking the game truck at your home or park. We will go anywhere you like–we just need room to park a 55 foot game truck and a bunch of excited kids ready to play.
  2. Once we help you determine your party date and time, we send you an email confirmation for your records. We also have printable invitations or electronic “evite-style” online invitations that we send to you free of charge. This helps you monitor your party guests as they RSVP.