NCAA Football 09 for Wii features EA SPORTS Family Play, as seen in NBA Live, Madden NFL, and FIFA. In this new style of play, users are given the option to choose Advanced or Family Play when entering a game. Advanced users take complete control of all aspects of gameplay, while players who choose Family Play are given control of key actions on the Wii Remote — such as passing, snapping, and kicking — while letting the game’s AI control player movement.

Key Features

  • Have a blast in simultaneous multiplayer games with up to four players, each using different controls based on their style of play
  • Become a playcalling genius in no time by calling plays based on your skill level with playbooks featuring more than 40 plays, or simply hand the decisions over to your head coach and let him call the shots for you
  • Pit Sparty the Michigan St. Spartan against Brutus from Ohio State, Sparky the Arizona St. Sun Devil against Washington’s Harry the Husky, and many more
  • New to the gridiron? No worries! New action icons and voice commands from your Wii Remote instruct you when to throw the ball, evade defenders, tackle ball carriers, and more
  • With an all-new streamlined pace and quickened tempo, gameplay now allows you to get in four quarters of non-stop action faster than ever before.
  • Stand-up and celebrate after every score and battle for Mii fans! The more Mii fans you control, the better your team performs on the field